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  • Is a stone-coated steel roof noisy in the rain?

No. The modular tile system and the dead space between the steel roofing panel and the underlay minimize exterior noise even in a rainstorm. The stone-coating also reduces the noise of the rain when it hits the tiles.

  • How long has stone-coated steel roofing been around?

Stone-coated steel roofing occurred during world war ii when tar and sand were used to cover galvanised steel bunkers. After the war, the practice was commercialized and the first roofs were produced. Stone coated steel roofs have been protecting buildings since then, but the product technology today bears little resemblance to early practices due to advances in the chemistry of coatings.

  • Can you walk on a steel roof?

Yes. Though some care must be exercised while walking on the roof and you should only place your foot on the flat section on the nose of the tile, roofers walk all over the roof during the installation process.

  • Does the colour fade?

The history of Decron products demonstrates that fading is not a problem. Decron uses either naturally colored or ceramic coated stone granules on their tiles. The natural stone cannot fade and the ceramic coated stone is manufactured with the highest quality pigments and fired at temperatures above 700 deg Celsius. Over time, a slight change in color may occur due to settling of airborne contaminants. However periodic rain or washing the roof with a garden hose will keep the roof looking new.

  • Is a steel roof fire safe?

Steel roofing is classified as a non-combustible roofing material (Class A). In new construction and in many re-roofing applications the metal roofing system is a Class A non-combustible roof assembly. That means it has the highest possible fire resistance.

  • Are metal roofs energy efficient?

Decron roofs are known as “cool roofs”. This means they have the ability to cut building owners’ energy costs because they reduce the need for air conditioning.
Decron roofing products are designed to be elevated from the roof deck which creates a natural air flow referred to as “Above Sheathing Ventilation”(ASV). This ventilation prevents heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. In addition to proper attic insulation, this can help lower electric costs associated with heating/cooling.
The combination between our steel panels and ASV have seen customers achieve 30% reductions in the energy bills.

  • Does Decron offer a warranty?

Yes, when installed to the required standards and with the required maintenance Decron roofs can carry a warranty of up to 50 years. A five year installation warranty is also offered by the installers.

  • Why do people choose a Decron roof?

Decron is now a leading global brand with roofs now installed in over 20 countries around the world. Decron design focus is on clever, functional products that provide fast install times and an aesthetic look to suit any architecture. Decron ensures that their distributors are experienced and trustworthy companies that are able to provide professional advice with a complete back-up sales service so that homeowners are completely satisfied with their new roof.

  • How will a Decron roof stand up to extreme weather?

A Decron roof can withstand decades of abuse from extreme weather conditions including wind, heat, humidity and rain. Decron has many international test reports and actual field results confirming their products are earthquake, fire and freeze/thaw resistant and can withstand hurricane-forced winds of up to 193kph. With a minimal amount of periodic maintenance a Deccron roof will provide decades of lasting performance..

  • How to the granules stay bonded to the steel?

An acrylic primer is applied to the Zincalume coated steel substrate by the steel mill. Graded, non-oiled stone granules are then embedded in a thick UV resistant water base acrylic polymer. A final layer of acrylic over-glaze is applied on top of the stone before the tiles are cured in an oven at a temperature of 120 degrees.

  • Will a steel roof rust?

The ZINC coated steel has been formulated to give a significantly longer service life than a galvanized coating. The ZINC steel coating combines the corrosive protection of aluminium with the sacrificial protection of zinc, giving the advantages of both metals. The resulting alloy coating enhances corrosion resistance, making it ideal for such applications as roofing. This is why the Decron roof system is referred to as "The final Roofing System", and is backed up with a 50 year limited warranty.