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Here at Decron we are always looking for a better way of doing things. Over the last 25 years this relentless search for perfection has seen us grow to become one of the most trusted names in roofing and the reason why our products outperform many other roofing solutions.

Over a period of time we have shown excellent performance in Roofing Tile Industry and have spread our reach across the world.

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Decron Super
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Over the past 25 years, we have launched more than 10 metal roofing tile profiles and installed in over 25 countries. We are well known throughout the roofing industry as a pioneer in product innovation.


We truly believe that the recipe for innovation is knowledge and technology. More than 25 year of roofing knowledge and ongoing investment in R&D, which makes us so successful in the roofing industry.

Research & Development

Research & Development (R&D) is the engine that drives our innovation. It's essentially an investment in technology and future capabilities which is transformed into our new products, processes, and services.